The Door Mouse

Enter quantity desired in decimal yards.
A conversion table is provided below for your convenience
Minimum cut is .5 yards

Colors depend on the settings in YOUR monitor -
if you need an exact color match PLEASE request a sample.

Color Reference

Fraction1/81/43/81/25/8 3/47/8
Decimal.125.25.375.5.625 .75.875
Example: 1-5/8 yards would be entered as 1.625
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Safari Yellow Green Elephants

Safari Purple Elephant

Safari Blue Green Elephants

Safari Orange Elephants

Safari Olive Leopard

Safari Blue Leopard

Safari Magenta Leopard

Safari Teal Leopard

Safari Red Leopard

Safari Blue Violet Zebras

Safari Yellow Green Zebras

Safari Olive Zebras

Safari Blue Green Zebras

Safari Green Leaves

Safari Purple Leaves

Safari Green/Purple Leaves

Safari Red/Green Leaaves

Safari Purple Stripe

Safari Blue Green Stripe

Safari Yellow Green Mottled

Safari Orange Mottled

Safari Putty Mottled

Safari Aqua Mottled

Safari Blue Green Mottled

Safari Royal Mottled

Safari Bright Green Mottled

Safari Red Zebra

Safari Green Giraffe

Safari Purple Giraffes

Safari Teal Giraffes

Safari Yellow Orange Giraffes

Safari Red Stripe

Safari Red Orange Mottled


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