The Door Mouse

Enter quantity desired in decimal yards.
A conversion table is provided below for your convenience
Minimum cut is .5 yards

Colors depend on the settings in YOUR monitor -
if you need an exact color match PLEASE request a sample.

Color Reference

Fraction1/81/43/81/25/8 3/47/8
Decimal.125.25.375.5.625 .75.875
Example: 1-5/8 yards would be entered as 1.625
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Novelty Stripe

Novelty Chrome Logos on Wine

Novelty Brown Luggage Rack

Novelty Chrome Logos on Turquoise

Novelty Skeleton Keys on Tan

Novelty Tossed Gadgets on Red

Novelty Black Business Man

Novelty School Day Items/Black

Novelty Tan Ontime Numbers

Novelty Handwritting/Black Mottled

Novelty Tossed Gadgets on Black

Novelty White Good News

Novelty Tossed Logo Patches on Black

Novelty Cream Nautical Compass on Black

Novelty Handwritting/Toffee Mottling on Tan

Novelty Hashtags & Internet Symbols on White

Novelty Tossed Phones on Red

Novelty School Supplies/Neutral

Novelty Tossed Logo Patches on Cream

Novelty Tan Ontime Words

Novelty Pencils on Black

Novelty Tossed Phones on Gray

Novelty Motel-Hotel on Black

Novelty School Supplies/Green

Novelty Motorcycle Accessories Brown

Novelty Gray Ontime Words

Novelty Pencils on White

Novelty Black Binary Computer Code

Novelty Gadgets Type Keys on Red

The Real McCoy Cowboy Hats

Novelty Beige Words of Wisdom

Novelty Motorcycle Accessories Gray

Novelty Pencils on Red

Novelty Gray Binary Computer Code

Novelty Type Keys on Neutral

Novelty Black Words of Wisdom

Novelty Mottled Red

Novelty Neutral World Traveler

Novelty Brown Novel Idea

Novelty Rulers on Blue

Novelty Rulers on Black

Novelty Rulers on Red

Novelty Flowers on Pink

Novelty Classic Cars on Black

Novelty Tossed Flags on Sky Blue

Novelty Rescue Vehicles

Novelty Googly Eyes

Novelty Tossed Garments and Buttons

Novelty Business Signs

Novelty Suitcases

Novelty Vintage Trucks

Novelty Travel Trailers

Novelty Stylized Forest

Novelty Electric Tools

Novelty Juke Box, Etc.

Novelty Knitted Hearts

Novelty Old Stamps From Around the World

Novelty Old Postcards

Novelty Motorized Vehicles

Novelty Toys/Black

Novelty Robots

Novelty Balls and Jacks

Novelty Masculine Items on Cream

Novelty Masculine Items/Black

Novelty BBQ Items

Novelty Beer Bottles

Novelty Beer Mugs and Glasses

Novelty Helicopters

Novelty Work Boots

Novelty Travel Vintage Cars

Novelty Tossed Letters & Numbers

Novelty Moustaches on Parchment

Novelty Black Fonts on Parchment

Novelty Atom Sysbols on Green

Novelty Scientific Symbols Stripe on Light Gray

Novelty Balls of Yarn

Novelty Knitting Sheep

Novelty Work Boots on Black

Novelty White Diplomas on Black

Novelty Wimpy Kid Stripe

Novelty Wimpy Kid Heads

Novelty Wimpy Kid Allover

Novelty Heart Ribbons/Black

Novelty Wimpy Kid Notebook Paper

Novelty Follow Me Children's Inspirational Script & Pictorial on Cream

Novelty Purses

Novelty Bow Ties

Novelty Route 66

Novelty Yarn & Needle

Novelty Knit Hearts

Novelty Yarn Balls

Novelty Flip-Flops

Novelty Mini Bikini on Pink

Novelty Paper Money

Novelty Navy Bobby Pins

Novelty Turquoise Bobby Pins

Novelty Turquoise Hair Stuff

Novelty Taupe Hair Stuff

Novelty Gray Hair Stuff

Novelty Star Gazing Astronomy Metallic Highlights on Parchment

Novelty Star Gazing Astronomy Metallic Highlights on Parchment

Novelty Black Vintage Campers

Novelty Navy Planets

Novelty Navy Astronauts in Space

Novelty Black Mixed Tools

Novelty Cream Tool Toile

Novelty Gold Tool Toile

Novelty Brown Nuts & Bolts

Novelty Green Tossed Flip Flops

Novelty Tropical Drinks

Novelty Ocean Swimmers

Novelty Bathing Suits & Bags

Novelty Library


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